Why ?

My name is Ben, supporting Ukraine from Belgium, I’m a DevOps in the making but also have a quite diverse experience with all things digital, open source collaboration tools, self-hosting and information monitoring, automation;

On the 24th of February, I dropped everything I was doing to support Ukraine with information amplification, sourcing of good information sources, dashboards, after an initial deep dive into Telegram from mobile and manual translations, I wanted to find a solution to ease the pain of following the invasion of Ukraine, my first idea was to use Google Translate to ease translation process and provide the resulting output on the open web without the need of a telegram account.
This quickly evolved to a state where I’m able to host the translation content along with the original context.

This first iteration evolved into the current set of tools displayed on the front-page, basically pushing the translations to different Discords, Telegram and Mastodon/Web channels with the intent to facilitate access, searching and archiving for different reasons

  1. To eliminate the language barrier issue as much as possible with the current state of machine translation, I still remember 2014 and how the invasion of Crimea & Donbass left Ukraine voiceless.
  2. Provide a solution for newsrooms, journalists, activists and basically everyone to have an easier access to this information for certainly, one of the defining moment of our generation in Europe and the global impact the War on Ukraine unleashed.
  3. Hunt for Russian Disinformation narratives and war crimes with the intent to archive it outside big platforms
  4. Find intelligence signal in the ongoing cyberwar leaks and operations to disrupt Putin and the system he controls to wage war on Ukraine.
  5. Pressure European capitals to not concede a pre-cooked defeat with Putin at the cost of Ukraine integrity.
  6. Pressure Western Governments to actually deliver their Help to Ukraine
  7. Boycott Amnesty International until the organization retract the “report” and formally apologies to Ukraine.
  8. Put the Media under pressure for not covering Ukraine, putting constantly the aggressor propaganda instead of the impact of the war against Ukraine.
  9. Pressure Western Governments and allies to Officially designate Russia as a Terrorist State.
  10. Weapons for Ukraine because a genocidal war from a Terrorist State does not get stopped by wishful thinking for peace.



Project Lead, Integration, rapid development with no-code to low-code solutions. DevOps

20 years of aggregation of information and experience conceptualizing custom monitoring systems with open source tools.


Python developper, DevOps

You ?

We’re looking for backend / python developers to move tg-archive python code to its next level : connected to a live database connected to a modern v2 front-end.

Is that you ? get in touch !

You ?

We’re looking for front-end developers to completely redesign our current static website telegram archives.

Is that you ? get in touch !